Partner Institutions


In ILUMNO, we build partnerships with prestigious higher education institutions who share our dream of transforming lives through education.


    Corporación Universitaria Unitec is a private institution of higher education in Bogota, Colombia. Founded in 1976, it currently has almost 4000 students and 25 academic programs  approved by the National Ministry of Education. Its comprehensive portfolio includes technical, graduate and post graduate programs in the engineering , multimedia , marketing and administration fields. Corporación Universitaria Unitec currently has nine locations in Bogota, as well as two student service centers. 
    In 2016 UNITEC will start offering virtual education using the ILUMNO model and technology.

  • UANE

    UANE was founded in 1974 in Saltillo, Coahuila (Mexico) by a group of professionals in order to create a theoretical and practical higher education model that would provide students the preparation to deal with working life and turn them into high-quality and efficient professionals.

    It has eight campuses: Saltillo, Torreón, Monclova, Sabinas, Piedras Negras, Matamoros, Reynosa and Monterrey. UANE offers secondary education programs, 21 undergraduate degrees, 6 specializations, 14 master's degrees and 2 PhD programmes.

  • UCN
    Universidad Católica del Norte

    The Universidad Católica del Norte Foundation is a 100% virtual institution of higher education and pioneer of this modality in Colombia. It is the result of love of education, social sensitivity and vision. The Catholic of the North is concerned with generating new opportunities to break the geographical distances and to participate in social inclusion through a VIRTUAL EDUCATION WITH HUMAN SENSE.


    Following our motto of "Education, Competency and Knowledge," we have taken as our mission the transformation of our students so that they are able to transcend their circumstances and leave an indelible mark on the world.  We believe in an educational experience based on discipline, ethics, emotional development, sports, social responsibility, research and collaboration.

    Today more than 15,000 students entrust us with their higher education. For that reason, we are committed to them and we face with dedication and passion the challenges of providing them with the best educational experience.

    With an offering of 30 undergraduate and graduate programs, we are actively participating in addressing the challenges facing Mexico and the world in the XXI Century. The stories of our students and alumni serve as examples of overcoming obstacles through a comprehensive education.

    We foresee a strong expansion of UMM online, with a price-quality offer that is unique in this medium.  Fulfilling this objective will enable us to make our model available to many more people.

  • Universidad Gerardo Barrios

    Gerardo Barrios University (UGB) was founded on December 5, 1981 in the historic city of San Miguel in El Salvador, where its main campus is located. In 1986, opens a Regional Center in the city of Usulután.

    The educational model of the university is based on professional, human, responsible and updated training, considering the four pillars of education of the future: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to coexist. This approach promotes the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills for communication, creative analysis, and teamwork, leveraged by cutting-edge science and technology.

    In its search for constant innovation, UGB has been developing agreements with governmental, non-governmental institutions and companies in the eastern region of El Salvador, which have positioned it as a national and regional benchmark for the higher education community. It currently has two campuses that serve more than 8,600 students. Within its academic offer has 24 programs and 7 postgraduate courses.


    Universidad Siglo 21 is Argentina’s largest private university. It was established in 1995, through Fundación Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21 (21st Century Business University Foundation). The university has a presence in all 23 provinces of Argentina, with more than 240 University Learning Centers (Sites) where more than 47,000 students from around the country are enrolled. In Argentina, a university may apply to undergo an institutional evaluation process once it begins its sixth year of operation. This thorough, rigorous evaluation process, which determines whether the Argentine Ministry of Education will grant the university full autonomy, is conducted by the National University Evaluation and Accreditation Commission (known in Spanish by the acronym CONEAU).


    - Founded in the year: 1995


    - Students: 47,000

  • Americana

    Universidad Americana grew out of the Instituto de Capacitación y Desarrollo Empresarial [Entrepreneurial Training and Development Institute] (known in Spanish by the acronym INCADE). The institute was a non-profit organization established to promote the creation of a university that would serve as a place for higher education, training, and cultivation of the arts and letters, technology, and scientific research, providing a well-rounded education for students in Paraguay. Universidad Americana is located in Asuncion, Paraguay. It has 3 campuses where university-level classes are offered to more than 6000 students.


    - Campus: 3


    - Founded in the year: 1994


    - Students: 6,500

  • Unijorge

    Unijorge began operating in 1999 and has since guaranteed the academic excellence of its programs and the recognition of its graduates in the community. Its courses are designed to meet strict educational guidelines using a didactic and pedagogical approach that aims to provide professionals with the knowledge and capacity to stand out in their areas of practice. The institution has always met the demands of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and has never been rejected on requests for recognition.


    - Campus: 2


    - Founded in the year: 1999


    - Students: 23,700

  • Politécnico Grancolombiano

    Politécnico Grancolombiano is a private university in Colombia, founded in 1980. Its main campus is located in Bogotá. At present, the university has more than 25,000 students and offers university-level classes at 100 locations (sites).


    - Campus: 2


    - Founded in the year: 1980


    - Students: 25,710

  • Areandina

    The Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina has been a leading institution of higher education for 29 years, with a presence in the main cities of Colombia, in South America. Its main campus is located in Bogotá; it also has a branch campus in Pereira, as well as campuses in Valledupar and Medellin and regional facilities in Ibague, Arauca, Sincelejo, Tunja, and Pasto. With more than 19,000 students and 36,000 alumni, and with in-person, distance, and virtual education options, the university is a contributor to Colombia’s social and economic development.


    - Campus: 4


    - Founded in the year: 1983


    - Students: 19,533

  • Ipp

    The Instituto Profesional Providencia (known in Spanish by the acronym IPP) was established in 1981, amid an institutional effort to promote the development of higher education in Chile through private initiatives. Over the institute’s first two decades, its educational offerings grew to include programs in the following subject areas: Basic Education, Special Education, and Early Childhood Education, Graphic Design, Environmental Design, and Fashion Design, Audit Accounting, and Computer Engineering.


    - Campus: 7


    - Founded in the year: 1981


    - Students: 7,000

  • Uva

    UVA was founded in 1971 and has gone through a process of academic growth during the last years, obtaining great results in reviews made by the Ministry of Education (MEC). In 2012, the institution reached a grade 4 (in a 1 to 5 score) of the MEC General Index of Programs, the highest reached by a private university in the country. Currently, it is in sixth place in the ranking of the best private universities in the country, and second one in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It offers 39 undergraduate programs, four master's degrees and more than 70 post-graduate programs.


    - Campus: 5


    - Founded in the year: 1971


    - Students: 31,000

  • San marcos

    Universidad San Marcos located in San Jose, Costa Rica, has been a leading educational institution for professionals for 90 years. Its focus is on innovation, enterprise, and business creation. The education that provides is global in scope and intended to lead to international dual degrees; its offerings include student exchange programs and classes that are virtual and multicultural in scope. At present, the university offers 3 master’s degree programs, 8 bachelor’s degree programs, 3 university-preparatory programs, and 11 specialized programs, all with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility.


    - Campus: 1


    - Founded in the year: 1996


    - Students: 2,500


    Universidad del Istmo established more than 25 years ago, is one of Panama’s leading universities. It is committed to educating professionals who are able to act responsibly and effectively in their careers, in their communities, and within their own families, while promoting educational and moral values that strengthen our society. The main campus is in Panama City, with regional campuses in San Jose de David, La Chorrera, Los Pueblos, Santiago, Colon, Chitre, Penonome, Las Tablas, and Changuinola; the university’s modern facilities support its work.


    - Campus: 1


    - Students: 5,600


    - Founded in the year: 1987

  • UniFil

    One of the main universities of Paraná, UniFil has concept 4 in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education - the same note of the largest public institutions of the state. The physical structure brings together five well-equipped units for the best theoretical and practical training: Campus Sede da Avenida JK, Campus Canadá, Campus Palhano, Campus Ipolon and Campus Clube. There are over 100 professional centers that provide students direct actions with the public and proper preparation for the future profession. There are more than 10,000 students in 20 undergraduate and in more than 30 graduate options. In 45 years of tradition, UniFil always accompanied technological developments and advances in education, offering contemporary teaching and attuned to market demands.

  • Universidad Kennedy

    The Kennedy University was founded in 1964 and is one of the first private universities in Argentina. An innovative spirit marked the institution from the beginning: from the earliest years the university offered poorly developed or at other universities unexisting degrees, such as Psychology and Public Relations. Currently, the Kennedy University offers more than 30 undergraduate and graduate short courses, in fields such as Psychological Sciences; Economics and Business; Social, Legal and Humanities; Health; Architecture and Systems. After more than 50 years of foundation and more than 30,000 graduates, the Kennedy University remains committed to its environment, training students as citizens capable of being the actors of the future.


Academic institutions that embrace the digital transformation and reinvent themselves will thrive in this new era and emerge as the education leaders of the 21st century. At Ilumno, our mission is to transform higher education institutions to enable growth and improved student outcomes through technology and innovation.